Our mission

Fuudies is on a mission to become one of the market leaders in automated retail industry in the UK. Firstly, providing automated machines and smart fridges to all kinds of business establishments, which creates a zero cost canteen facility for companies, and secondly, opening a fully automated shop, gives us an inevitable chance to succeed. At present, we are operating in two construction sites generating £60,000+ in five months with just two automated machines, giving us a perfect opportunity to scale up a very profitable business

No tills, No checkout. Walk up, Pick up and Go

Generating £60K+ with just two machines since Oct 2020 with 150 average transactions per day at £2.70, and having more new contracts in negotiation we are raising seed capital for the rapid growth of the business.

With one of the first movers advantage in the automated retail industry (amazon fresh is the only competitor at present) we plan to move fast, targeting construction sites, offices, student accommodations, universities, industrial estates etc for the swift expansion

Return on the Investment. By the end of year 5 we are planning to have 100 shops and 400 automated machines operating for Fuudies. Exit strategy can be a potential merger or acquisition from a corporate retail company or a catering company